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Labour & Birth Information


Paging in Labour

Please remember that your team will discuss in greater detail, specific to your clinical circumstances, when is appropriate to page. 

As a general guide:

1. Wait to page with an active contraction pattern "the 4-1-1" four minutes apart, lasting one minute, and this continues for one hour. However, if you have a history of quick labour, paging sooner will be discussed with your team.

2. Page right away if your waters break with 

    -meconium (green colour to the fluid) 

    -you are pre-term (less than 37 weeks)

    -you are concerned about infection (fever, odour to waters)

    -you are GBS positive or unknown

    -you were advised to for a risk for cord prolapse, your baby is not head down, and/or         you were planning c-section

    -do not insert anything into the vagina if you suspect broken waters (no intercourse)  

3. Page right away if you have bright red vaginal bleeding or are concerned that baby is not moving

Early Labour Care (before 4-1-1 or you were assessed and your dilation is less than 4cm)

  • Maximize resting

  • Hydrate and eat as tolerated

  • Have a shower or bath

  • Listen to relaxing music or meditation

  • Have a support person give you a massage

  • Use the exercise ball or position changes to manage pelvic and back discomfort

  • Use heating pad (wrapped in a towel) on your abdomen or back

  • Try Acetaminophen/Tylenol (500-1000mg every 4-6 hours, not exceeding 4000mg in 24 hours) and Dimenhydrinate/Regular Gravol (50-100mg every 6-8 hours, not exceeding 400mg in 24 hours) 

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SOGC Breech & External Version

  • Note: All current providers at Belleville General will plan c-section for known breech. There are obstetricians available that can attempt external version if criteria met.

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